Bear Thread Designs, Inc.

Home of the Original Applique Pressing Sheet




Welcome to Bear Thread Designs, Home of the Original Applique Pressing Sheet.

We are dedicated to providing quality, quilting products that can be used in quilting as well as crafting.

Come see us in person at any of our live show appearances or visit our vendor booth at shows, events and expos. To see our list of scheduled appearances, visit our Calendar of Events page, but here are a few to add to your calendar ...

















Bear Thread Designs' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is simple. We guarantee your satisfaction with all our merchandise. If you do not feel that your purchase has lived up to your expectations, you have 30 days from the time of receipt to return it. We will gladly refund the purchase price, exchange or replace items purchased through our website.

Jaggie the Bear is the namesake of Bear Thread Designs, Inc. He fancies himself a bit of a detective, looking for new and exciting ways to get a little "retail therapy" when it comes to all things crafty! He is named for Veronica, the Bear Thread Designs owner's grandchildren, who are the recipients of many of her quilts.


Jaggie, a fearless adventurer, often finds himself up to his "fluff" in trouble as he searches out new and exciting ways to get crafty! His "just the bear facts, ma'am" attitude can get him into some steamy situations, but he'll keep you in stitches with his travels and adventures ...